Chairman’s Message

Chairman`s Message

“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

Today we are living in a globalised world. If we are living without knowledge of English language, we are like a bird without wings. I mean English is one of our basic needs in this era. The school is the best temple in the world where human beings are preached to face upcoming challenges in the world. We aim at the all round development of the students to make them the most competent inhabitants of this world.

In India, CBSE Board is considered relevant according to the signs of current education system as it tries to import a common education in this land of diverse cultures and heritage. Thus, it has created a common standard of education for all across the country. CBSE keeps education updating with the time. This board has successfully matched the needs and chaining trends in the world of education. At present, there are more than 21 thousand schools affiliated to CBSE across the country.

We are known for our unique and experimental practices. Our school is having technical collaboration with NIIT(Nguru) for better understanding with audio visual effects and live experiences. We are having separate NIIT(Nguru) setup for upper classes.

Besides continuous emphasis on excellent academics, we also have encouraged non-academic interests of the students like: rifle-shooting, Karate, Skating and horse riding. By the same spirit, we encourage the students to experience the life outside their class-rooms and home by arranging field trips, adventure campus and excursions. We believe that child’s exposure to sports and extra-curricular activities play pivotal role in his/her personality development. Our school has its own unique system for teaching and learning which is completely student centred rather than teacher oriented, known as GKPS techniques of teaching and learning.

Hence we, the Global Knowledge Education Society, are glad to tell you that we follow the norms and regulations of CBSE to give all round development to every learner to develop and beautify his/her inner and outer world.

Thank you.

Mr. Ramesh ji Biradar